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Released 17 February 2014 via

Skyride Records

Jerry Kandiah (vocals, guitar) and Hedge Seel (drums, samples) are two guys based in London who have a passion in creating something out of the mediocrity in today’s rock scene by melting two rather opposite styles: metal and underground rave.

The reason for this is quite clear as both have been involved in the metal scene as well as the rave scene (in which they had their own soundsystem) so it was for them a challenge to come up with a complete album fusing these styles. They debuted in 2009 with All Blood Is Red and it gained quite some appreciation. Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) for instance added his vocals on one track and took them even on a European tour to support Killing Joke. Late 2009 Syan (ex Interlock) joined, but it took them until now to release their sophomore album Data Warfare.

After listening to this one a couple of times I can only say that the threesome have done an impressive job here. Besides (thrash) metal riffs and wild frantic drumming they have mixed a lot of electronics into the meltingpot and the final result is an energetic and powerful aural experience.

The 10 tracks presented here contain interesting arrangements, quirky time signatures (yes, they’ve incorporated some prog influences as well) and incredible grooves. Despite the high dose of electronic samples the music feels very organic. I am particularly caught by the fabulous drumming of Hedge which reminds me of a young Stewart Copeland (The Police) giving the album a driving pulse.

To mention some favourite tracks then. ‘12th disclosure’ has a full tilt groove, some nice radio intercom messages and ‘all systems fail’ electronic sounds. ‘Sonar Sumeria’ starts with spacy synths and a pumping percussion evolving into a rather long instrumental piece with sparse vocals. ‘Spacetime Collapse’ (a nod to the psychedelic dub sound of Ozric Tentacles) is THE most infectious track and throws you beyond the event horizon: no escape possible !

The final two pieces on this album slow down the pace and the trio delivers here some bombastic prog (‘Absence Of Proof’) and even acoustic atmospheres with tabla drums and bird sounds (‘Tools Of Mass Creation’).

Tribazik has delivered an addictive record. Data Warfare’has the potential to attract a new audience and with this kind of catchy music they should do very well in a live setting so watch out for them conquering the festival stages this summer.

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