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Flyingdeadman is just one of those bands that produce music with no words we call instrumental/post rock. But Flyingdeadman is also a duo from Bressuire, France, that produce very good instrumental/post rock music.

Fabien and Aurélien are now at their second record titled Sending Fires To The Sky and the main difference with their debut, The Forgotten T(h)ree, is that they now give to the overall sound that cinematic edge that makes the music much more interesting. I like how they evolved with this latest release demonstrating their capability to gather all the characteristics of post rock music to create a sound that that evokes engaging atmospheres.

The seven movements of Sending Fires To The Sky are sprawling melody driven with a strong melancholic vein. Each track has its slow start and a melodic powerful crescendo and the Frech duo prove that they are quite pretty in their execution and the whole album is an easy and engaging listening.

The pensive, graceful build up on opener ‘Exit From The Polar Shield’ starts with a registered voice that sounds like a radio transmission and very good and intricate arpeggios before allowing the warm guitars to explode and take centre stage.

As my friend Gavin said, the following ‘Soul Journey Through Rays Of Dawn’  “takes its time to get going but builds into something quite lovely”. The following ‘Ilae’ is really an enjoyable track with its layered guitars that converse and converge with each other in an absolutely amazing way.

‘Near The Shore’ might be my favorite from Sending Fires To The Sky: it builds rapidly with a surprising sense of urgency, retreating only when the soaring lead guitar has taken the foreground and extended its reach as far as it can go.

‘This Is The Last Time…’, ‘…I see You…‘ and ‘…For The First Time’ are the last three songs of the album and, listening to them one after the other one, you’ll never stop paying attention to the song lengths because the mix that these tunes offer is so captivating that the track lengths really doesn’t matter.

I particularly like ‘This Is The Last Time…’ that starts with vocals reproducing an argument between a woman and a man. It's a beautifully constructed tune that has something dramatic in it and achieves that depth that allows the music to arrive directly to your soul. With its 9 minutes it's the longest track of the album where the two French artists never wander away from the alternation of loud and soft dynamics and the contrast between soft guitar tones and pounding drums.

‘…I see You…‘, with its creative bass riffs, and '…For The First Time’, with its soft melody, end an album where Flyingdeadman strives to convey more melody rather than creating extremely long builds as it happens in the typical post rock compositions.

Another thing to be mentioned about this release is the way the duo choose the song titles that, read together, seem to narrate the adventure towards the sky. And when you can finally see it the great album artwork describes the whole experience.

Sending Fires To The Sky is a great combination of music, words and imagination.

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