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Released 15th May 2014 via


For those who don’t know, NuBorg is a musical project by Norwegian singer-songwriter Gunhild Nyborg. NuBorg continues to release her songs off her upcoming album monthly, and for May they’ve released a slightly more mainstream tune with 'You, You'.

Throughout the last few months NuBorg has released a steady stream of ambient and whimsically ethereal songs. Slightly less on the ambient side, 'You, You' has a more pop rock vibe than her previously released tracks. “Broken mirror, Heavy curtains, hiding everything you are”, 'You, You' starts off with some grabbing lyrics and descends into an upbeat and affirming song.

The most impressive principal of 'You, You' is in the simplicity. The melody of the backing instrumentals make way for the lyrics and vocals, allowing for them to be the focal point. The captivating element of Vocalist Gunhild Nyborg’s distinctive voice is her pitch range which can be compared to that of a mezzo soprano, going from strong deep tones to higher honeyed innocence that sometimes comes off as a sweet babydoll tone from the past.

'You, You' is the type of easy listening pop song I wouldn’t have expected from an ambient band, but it works all the same. The track itself is well-shaped and strong, melody wise, starting with a singular guitar rhythm then progressing further into a catchy melody with Gunhild’s voice ringing through. I think it’s safe to say this song is heart-felt and comes off as being close to the heart of the singer. With upbeat lines like “It doesn’t matter just let it go now, it doesn’t hurt to be yourself”, the song sends a strong message in acceptance of yourself.

Next month’s track will be released again on 15th as usual. I’m looking forward to seeing what NuBorg has to offer up next.

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