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With the release of their new album This State Is Conscious , Those Amongst Us Are Wolves takes us on an adventurous, memorable and fresh journey through complex, clean guitar melodies combined with flawless, gentle, yet complex drumming that is extremely enjoyable.

Those Amongst Us Are Wolves is a 4 piece instrumental post-rock band from Coventry, Britain (UK). Mark Oliver, Tom Brill, Chris O’Connell and Joshua Neal Bate have been writing music since 2011 and they are definitely establishing their name in the UK’s post rock scene. I’m a fan of these guys since their debut EP Chaotic Love Stories and Irrational Behaviour (review here and with the new release, This State Is Conscious, they keep on pleasing my boundless appetite for good music.

The album blends together post rock with elements of electronica and space rock, with every track creating its very own ambiance, each one more intricate than the last. The outcome is a unique sound and, even though I've been listening to this album many more times than I can count in the last days, I still need to find more time enjoy it.

With such material it’s inevitable that listeners will make comparisons to what they already know and maybe many of them will make judgements based on a quick listen. Their sound reminds the style of Explosions in the Sky and somewhere they make me think of Mogwai; however their hypnotic melodies are pretty unique and the diversity of styles they display is the proof that these guys are really talented.

The four songs of This State Is Conscious fluctuate between calm and chaotic, often taking on several different distinctive moods throughout one track. ‘At The End Of The Scene, The Walls Are Black And She Is Gone, And He Is Alone’, the second track of the record, is an example of what I’m saying. The synth rises and falls, providing great variation in depth and providing a relaxing backdrop.

The likes of opener ‘How To Level Wate’ combine amazingly catchy guitars with noises and drumming offering four minutes of cinematic soundscapes building into a solemn rhythm. It opens up with minimalist guitar sound and a slow build up into a pulsing rhythm before dissolving into the next song as a nice intro.
Extremely catchy beats open the following 'Placebo Affects' – and there's no better title for this sound – and I find myself appreciating the drum’s patience in letting the song develop, as well as driving the song without feeling the need to stick out. They remain slightly more quiet than the guitar and, when all the instruments are together, the execution is brilliant.

The twenty minutes of the closing ‘He Is The King Of The Tenuous Link’ proof that band members of Those Amongst Us Are Wolves are able to harmoniously mix ambient and soaring melodies with guitar distortion, crashing walls of noise, pursuing post-rock and space rock, delivering extremely powerful and potent songs. This song alone can be an EP for the complexity of its structure and the multitude of sounds displayed in it.

This State Is Conscious is an intriguing album. Honestly, there is not one weak track on this record and I do recommend you to enjoy it with your earphones on and walking through the city. I did and I discovered places I've never seen before.

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