The Echelon Effect

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Released 24 June 2014 

It’s finally here, the second instalment to the hugely talented Dave Walters solo project, The Echelon Effect. Pacific proceeds the wonderful first chapter titled Atlantic. We’re used to Dave stunning us with instalments and follow up’s, notably for me, the 4 part series of  inspiring releases entitled Seasons, but for me The Echelon Effect has really hit new highs this year. In our review of Atlantic, Daniela Patrizi, writes “it seems the journey won’t finish here”, and how right she was.
If you didn't know by now, I don't jump into a review half heartedly. This 10 track journey is any Post-Rock enthusiasts dream. It's another timely reminder that Post-Rock really does come in all shapes and forms, but this is my favourite. From the poignant opening track 'Two Continents', I feel like I'm preparing myself for the rest of the album, it's musically almost like a countdown of anticipation and your heart is racing, especially after hearing the first instalment Atlantic.
And so, we are treated in perfect style to 'Visitors On The Bow Wave'  and 'North' which help release the feelings of joy. It reminds me of one of my favourite ambient artists Moshimoss, but only at his very best. Reversals and xylophones are my hideaway from it all instruments and Dave has struck all the right notes from the very begininng. Splashes of small waves subtly crash and remind us we are still on one epic voyage.

'Monteray' shifts the album along in a new direction. The beautiful piano and variation in drum beat gives some form of reminder we are skimming the surface of something much deeper, almost like our feet are just touching the water as we are carried across the ocean, or swimming in the deep blue in slow motion with all the wonders around us. I'm in heaven right now.
Here are my 3 favourite tracks from this album and they all sit together back to back. I clutch onto them like a toddler unwilling to share, yet I really need to share them with you! My close relationship that developed with tracks 5, 6 and 7 was due to the simplicity and how isolated and close of a connection I felt to them. The emotion evoked from the pianos and xylophone in 'Watching Over The Headland', the peacefulness of 'As The Land Sleeps', and quite possibly my favourite of all, the drums in 'Cutting The Bay'. Why are the drums kept on playing at the end? I'll tell you why, because it totally works. Because maybe its something I would do? I don't know, but I know that if I'm blown away by the simple ideas of just that, my god, this is where I salute and lay my hat.

 The final third doesn't deteriorate and meander off. 'Under The Golden Gate' brings in the consistency that is needed in any stable record. We maybe further along in our minds journey, but musically we are back in that ambient shimmer of lush soundscapes and mother nature whilst incorporating the uplifting feel and climax that you only get from The Echelon Effect. We're also treat to some light vocals in the final track 'Garden Highway', which just adds the right amount of finishing touches to such a complete album. A complete series in fact.

Pacific is on it's own just outstanding. But together Atlantic and Pacific are nothing short of magnificent.
They are interlinked but not reliant on each other. Its a special and unique relationship. My advice is to submerge yourself with both of these releases. If you don't, you will miss out on something very special that has taken my breath away, time and time again.

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