By: Ginnia Cheng

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Released on December 8, 2014 via Bandcamp

While there’s no shortage of mathy, post-rock bands from the UK, a clear wave of talent has risen above the noise to represent the best this country has to offer. Names like Cleft, Tall Ships, Polymath and The Physics House Band quickly spring to mind when thinking about artists currently on everyone’s lips.

Constant Waves proudly proclaim that they have supported all the bands just listed. And it is my pleasure to declare that their latest self-titled LP puts them right on the map with these big names.

Constant Waves is an incredible body of evocative instrumental work. Describing their style as the resulting offspring of “math rock, post-rock and break beat having a wild night of drunken debauchery and fornication”, the band pours their essence into the album to produce a stunning showcase of these genres. You can hear how each of the eight songs have been carefully and individually crafted to display the full range of their skill, without ever feeling like you’re listening to an uncoordinated collection of tracks.

Opening with ‘Chicken In The Blood’, the band quickly demonstrates their technical flair and delivers a stunning display of dexterity from each musician.

The album’s standout track, ‘The Heightened Correspondence of Shortened Stature’ sits right in the middle of the record. It incorporates mind-blowing air-guitar worthy licks without losing any of the complex rhythms driving the song’s prog/math identity. Be warned if you listen to this in public – you’ll most certainly want to close your eyes and rock out at about 40 seconds in.

The penultimate song ‘Chlorofoam’ is also a work of brilliance, effortlessly combining textured math-rock undercurrents with beautifully melodic post-rock overtones. It seamlessly segues into the closing ‘Dr. Rumack’, an angry yet exultant track with serious grooves, which leaves you craving more when it’s over.

Constant Waves is truly a great example of how to produce a prog, math and post-rock record that allows you to appreciate a band’s technical skill while being a beautifully evocative musical exploration of the genres combined. I am utterly hooked on this album and have no doubt that Constant Waves will be headlining shows of their own very soon.

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