By: Martyn Coppack

Evil Blizzard / Mamuthones |    bandcamp | 

Released on January 19, 2015 via Rocket Recordings

Padova and Preston. They’re not two places that pop into mind as the most likely of psych hotbeds. Italy may have more style but Preston certainly has more brawn…and Blackpool down the road. Cultural gaps bigger than Mario Balotelli’s wallet give one a sense that these two places will never meet in the World Series of any sport. At least until now and in what is another Collisions release from Rocket Recordings; a glorious smash up between Mamuthones and Evil Blizzard.

On paper these two acts couldn’t be further apart in terms of music. Mamuthones are purveyors of out there dance music whilst Evil Blizzard are…well, Evil Blizzard. If you haven’t discovered them yet then get straight to last year’s release which demonstrates one of the most frightening and intense bands you will ever hear. But so much fun.

It is therefore, somewhat of a shock at first to discover that these two conjoin so well in what is a glorious celebration of darkened psych dance. Not so much shocking for Mamuthones who have pedigree in this field, but for the aforementioned Evil Blizzard whose multiple bass attack on the senses is dulled into a drone like experience almost verging on dub. After this shock wears off you simply have to admire the brilliance of it.

The four Mamuthones songs follow a traditional psych dance path that the excellent Diaphanoids do so well, although here the music is much more urgent and owes more in common with house music than trance. It’s mean beats give a disturbing edge to the feelgood flavour though and you never know quite which way they are going to go next. The songs feel almost throwaway in there ease of delivery but this belies the excellence at work underneath it all.

As for Evil Blizzard, they provide two songs. Well, that’s not strictly true it is one song but two very different versions. ‘Sacrifice’ strips away the carnage so prevalent on Evil Blizzard songs and introduces an unforeseen dance element not heard before. This becomes clearer on the phenomenal Teeth Of The Sea remix which follows and is simply outstanding as the experience of that great band brings out an entirely different feel in the song. It’s a stunning end to a remarkable EP.

Let’s hope there are more collisions of this kind in the future as they expose parts of bands you don’t normally hear and that can only be good news for both fans and the artists involved. By taking them out of their comfort zones, new ways of presenting their music come to the fore. New avenues of exploration open up and after all, that is what psych is all about.

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