By: Richard Collins

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Released on December 2, 2014 via Black Bow Records

I have absolutely no idea how these doom titans know each other. They both live on different sides of the planet with Holly Hunt residing in Miami, Florida and Slomatics in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’m guessing they were both jamming at the exact time, which caused Atlantic Ocean tidal waves in both directions, which smashed into each other and destroyed an inhabited island in the middle. They needed to make this 7” to raise the money to help the Islanders fix their home, that’s good of them. Let’s go with that!

So, how does it sound? Holly Hunt’s track ‘Bill Ward’ is side A, there should be a track named after an original Black Sabbath member on every album ever made (apart from Ozzy). If you are familiar with Holly Hunt’s work, they are a two piece instrumental riff machine featuring Beatriz Monteavaro (ex-Floor) on drums. This track starts slow, repetitive, speeds up gradually and is heavy as hell. The guitar sounds fucking great, really bold and provokes you to close your eyes and bob your head until he rest of the world slides away! Nice!

The Slomatics side is equally as powerful. Last year’s Estron got much critical claim for it’s spacey awesomeness, and their contributing track ‘Ulysses, My Father’ sees them take another cosmic step forward and go even further into space. It’s a little more aggressive than Holly Hunt’s side thanks to Marty’s vocals, which he absolutely fucking nails. Slomatics are becoming severe doom heavyweights in the U.K. and this snippet tantalises our taste buds on what they can deliver in the future! When that riff kicks in at 2 mins 53 seconds… FUCKING HELL! Think Ufomammut, but pissed off.

The digital download is a mere £2 and the vinyl is £7, so much riff for you cash! Buy it, the Atlantic Islanders are depending on you.

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