By: Jeremiah Nelson

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Released on November 24, 2014 via Independent

Doom, death, sludge. The ferocity of Nails and Secret Cutter. Heart-wrenching gloomy moments reminiscent of Stomach Earth. Mash it all together and you have an idea of what TEETH has created with their debut album Unremittance. TEETH doesn’t sound like any one of these bands in particular, but damn did this album slap me in the face.

TEETH are a four-piece band from California. Two of the members, Erol Ulug and Justin Moore, played together in a death/grindcore band called Wageslave that broke up in 2013. Erol Ulug still plays guitar, and now handles some vocals for TEETH. Justin Moore picked up the guitar and also does vocals in the band. Timothy Gaskin and Peter King round out TEETH; Gaskin is on drums and King plays bass.

The first track ‘To Dream is to Suffer’ opens with a heavy Gojira-influenced riff. The vocals stand out immediately. Ulug and Moore have distinct styles; one higher and one lower with more growl. Both have a barking cadence that adds a touch of hardcore to these songs. There are other elements of hardcore, like the two-step on the bridge of ‘Hostless’. ‘Leech Eater’ is slower and doom-ier. The album’s lyrics are bleak and self-deprecating. ‘Scum of the Sky’ cries “What a fucking shitbag I am” with conviction.

TEETH bring passion, proficiency, and something fresh on this album. Unremittance is an independent release. Somebody needs to pick these guys up, with a quickness. The album is out now, digitally and on 12-inch vinyl.

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