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Out on November 13th on Retro Futurist


Niche are a rock band from Savannah, Georgia and they play a hefty dose of no nonsense ‘70s-influenced rock combined with Southern and psychedelic tendencies. The dual guitar solos, three part vocal harmonies, layered Hammond organ and synths and a powerful rhythm section fuse together to produce a sound that is both nostalgic and unique, with hints of Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy and Steely Dan showing through in their well-crafted songs.

They recently recorded their third album Heading East with longtime friend Phillip Cope of Kylesa at the helm of producing the album. Heading East is the first release with their current lineup, which consists of guitarist/vocalist Justin Dick, bassist/vocalist Michael Redmond, Corey Barhorst on Hammond/synths (Black Tusk, ex-Kylesa), drummer Lee Vallier and guitarist/vocalist Kristopher Maedke-Russell.

Heading East catapults six new tracks with nearly forty minutes of mega rich, perfectly hazy, psychedelically-induced classic rock fueled and jacked-up for modern times, completed with beautiful, kaleidoscopic artwork by Samantha Muljat. Heading East will see release through Retro Futurist on digital and CD November 13th (available through here) with a vinyl pressing to follow in early 2016.

We’re proud to present you the stream of the whole album here:

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