By: Daniela Patrizi

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Released on December 18, 2015 via Consouling Sounds

CHVE stands for Colin H. van Eeckhout, the frontman of Belgium’s post-metal band Amenra, who, after numerous releases over the course of more than ten years with his band, debuts with a solo album. Rasa is one track only, which in almost 30 minutes takes the listeners in a world that is close to the acoustic works of Amenra, but even deeper and emotionally powerful.

The track has several moments that bleed into each other offering no break from the relentless oppression of the heart. Every moment is different and they are all distinguishable by shades of blackness. I often hear people complaining about the lack of originality in modern music, but I totally disagree: there are artists able to push the envelope and always create something new and Colin H. van Eeckhout is one of them. Starting from the Amenra acoustic work he manages to go over it, filling all the spaces and creating a dense sound that is both dark and emotional, and different.

Rasa is vocally and instrumentally perfect; Colin’s voice is the additional instrument that guides the listener into a place beyond words. From the very beginning of Rasa something seems to be falling apart: it’s like entering a new world with ambient and droning soundscapes all throughout it. Rasa is an implacable atmosphere of flowing drone with an extremely intense build up around the thirteenth minute and a solemn finale.

Built on repetition and atmosphere the music of CHVE requires an appropriate time and place: the secret for a successful experience is the lack of the day light. Invest yourself in this sonic journey and the reward is guaranteed. Colin creates a real experience that plays with psyche on very primordial levels. His music gets into your skin and doesn’t abandon you. It’s like if Rasa is the soundtrack and you are the director of the movie. Rasa makes you feel good to be alive

Colin has just started his EU tour with Scott Kelly. If they come into your town, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the show.

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