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Starting out as a bedroom project in its 2013, Yatin Srivastava Project is the solo project of the New Delhi-based musician, which has made huge steps in the past two years to get out there as a full blown progressive rock/metal band in both the Indian and UK independent music scene.

The project has recently acquired a new set of live members in the UK, and this line-up performed their début gig, an acoustic performance of songs off The Dream Plays In Reverse in Brick Lane, London. That gig was recorded and filmed and will be released as a live EP on February 11th. Taking from its original inspirations from the soundscapes and ambience of Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Karnivool and so on, these renditions also blend in a fresh element of electronic music influenced by artists such as Radiohead, Bonobo and Nine Inch Nails. Led by a powerful female voice courtesy of Marissa Landy and a tight rhythm section comprising of Archie Farrer (Bass) and Meet Kaul (Guitars), this EP is a little different to the début, hinting at a shift in musical direction the band will be taking in the future.

Yatin Srivastava comments on the EP: “Constructing An Acoustic Dream was a fluke. I usually have my expectations jotted down in my head, a sort of mental map and a timeline of what I try to do or finish. This wasn’t planned. There was no sort of grand design or agenda to this. It just went from me picking up my room mate’s (Meet’s) acoustic, recording a scratch track for fun, to having an opportunity to play a gig in a scenario that was more suited to softer music. That then developed into this gig that I was planning in my mind and expanding every minute. In a matter of 3-4 days, I found people to play with me. I decided to record and film it, and found people to do that. Personally, if there was no recording or shooting, I would be fine – but I wanted to do what I wanted to do and I had these three musicians who had never played a gig before. So it went from sheer nervousness to determination, to a damn good gig, a surprisingly good response and the aftermath of having a new working unit for this city. It ended up being a lot, lot more than what I was initially thinking.

In terms of accomplishment, there will obviously be some aspects about my music that I will never be happy with, but this is something that was a big step up from my previous release, and I think it’ll really help me continue working on an upward trajectory for my future releases.

Getting into the whole merch aspect of things was new to me, so that is something I am keen to work on further. Beyond that, there’s always more music. I’ve been compiling a lot of stuff I’ve written and I plan on the next release being big – either a full blown double album or at least a full LP as a grounding statement for what YSP is. I have finished pre-producing about 70-80% of a full LP, but I have a lot more songs and material lying about that might/might not make it to the cut. So we will see!”

Listen to an exclusive stream of the complete EP, Constructing An Acoustic Dream, here:


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