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Rïcïnn‘s voice became her own due to the baroque / triphop unit Corpo-MenteÖxxö Xööx – an “avant-garde” doom project, and live interpretations in the death / baroque / breakcore project Igorrr. It was during these collaborations that the beginnings of what would become her very first album – Lïan – began.

Language is the reason behind Rïcïnn, in reaction to her difficulty to express herself to a world in her “native tongue”, the need to reach for a higher form of communication and translate her imagination to others. Still as a child, she concocted magical remedies and verbal formulas to help others heal their wounds.

Using her voice as a tool of emotional conduction, she manages to combine her modern and classical musical influences into a surreal concoction, alternating between “doomish/metal/electronic” sounds with methods of baroque (sometimes nearly Gregorian) compositions. Resulting in a celestial dance, moving into an unexpected explosion of terror, each sacred in their own right.

Lïan is a challenging, but hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking listen. You don’t come across many releases like Lïan anymore these days. Simply stunning.

Have a listen to the full album ahead of its release date through Blood Music on June 17th here:


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