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Since 2006, Khünnt have fervently explored the boundaries of esoteric music, from minimalist noise, cack-rock and ESP screams to live improvisation, fog-beat and psychedelic city mantra.

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary Khünnt will release new material on Riot Season titled Failures. The new record will be accompanied by a CD compilation of the band’s entire blighted back catalogue titled Past, Present & Future.

Failures is a one track near 40 minute hypnotic passage split over two parts for a 12” vinyl release. For the most part the album is less aggravated and more smoked out than Khünnt‘s previous output, but be warned, it is no less intense. The album masterfully exploits repetition and dynamic to the point of overload, before collapsing into raw, feral carnage.

Jamie Jones said in his review for Echoes and Dust: “I can’t in all good conscience recommend Failures to anyone. What kind of person would that make me? It’s nigh on 40 minutes of sonic debasement, of aural punishment the likes of which interrogators at the most remote no-holds-barred extraordinary rendition centre would balk at playing to their detainees/victims. But I will say this – it’s the best thing Khünnt have put to tape yet.”

Listen to Failures below and make sure you order this amazing release before its release date on June 17th through here.

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