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Stay the Sea is an instrumental experimental rock and post-rock band based in Athens, GA (soon to be Atlanta, GA). They draw influence from a very diverse and ever-growing catalog, though namely Thrice, A Lot Like Birds, Sigur Rós, Russian Circles, and lots of soundtracks and film music come to mind when attempting to pinpoint the top tier of influences.

In a span of just three months over the summer of 2015, Stay the Sea released two albums. The first of which, A Patterned Length of Light, released in May, plays more to their calmer post-rock vibes, and sets a very atmospheric and almost tranquil tone, even through the more up-tempo and distorted tracks. With August 2015’s I was jealous of her, Stay the Sea set out to ambitiously construct a loose soundtrack for the anime series Hanamonogatari. Select scenes were scored meticulously, and the album, while diverse, comes very aggressively at the listener when compared to its predecessor. Then, in April of 2016, they released a self-titled EP, which harkened back to their earlier sound, but with a fresh approach, a more polished sense of songwriting, and an intense theme of nostalgia.

Taken from the recent album I was jealous of her the band now premières the official music video for the song ‘Three Years’, also known as ‘For three years, I’ve been changing what I call myself and collecting people’s misery’.

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