hasta mañana al día siguiente by Ana María Romano G.

Release date: December 15, 2016
Label: Pan y Rosas Discos

The album, hasta mañana al día siguiente released December 15, 2016 and was Ana María Romano G’s first release under the netlabel Pan y Rosas Discos, a netlabel out of Chicago with a focus on experimental music. Ana María Romano G is a musician, sound artist and professor from Bogota, Colombia.  This release is made up of five pieces that she created between 2009 and 2016 with some or all tracks being influenced by events that occurred at the time. You wouldn’t know this listening to the album since each track flows nicely from one to the next.

The album starts with the most recent of events. The first track, ‘posdomingo 02.10.2016’, includes a date in its title, with no explanation to what it refers to. One can only assume, with some research or a great memory for world events, that it might relate to the day that the peace deal made between the Colombian president and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, was defeated in a referendum. Having this in mind while listening to the track really adds to the visuals it conjures up. From the feral snarl of a wild dog to the hustle and bustle of the city centre, each sound adds to the sense of movement. The accordion used at different times in the track is poignant and dramatic, reminiscent of Pauline Oliveros.

The track, ‘incluye postre’, is an intense and thrilling track that masterfully connects each and every sound. Listening to it is like watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie, suspenseful to say the least.  The use of panning at times adds to the dramatic effect.

The tracks, ‘todo a mil’ and ‘a todo menos a nada mezcla estereo’, brings the listener back to the city centre and showcases happenings in the streets. Both tracks, along with ‘posdomingo 02.10.2016’ are a sort of sociological study in audio.  The use of delay in the track ‘todo a mil’ added to the lyrical quality of the track.

This album really showcases Ana María Romano G.’s ability to tell a story through the use of sounds. Listening to the album I had a sense each track had its own character and the story was being told through the eyes/ears of this character. It was an adventure and I recommend adding this album to your collection.

This album is available as a free download via the label’s website.

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