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Warren Schoenbright are a London based three piece experimental noise band. Subtropical, the band’s first release on Hominid Sounds, charts a new, heavier and more dense sonic direction. The introduction of spoken word offers a non linear narrative to the textural strata created by electronic samples, bass guitar and live drums. Subtropical beckons one into a dark, distorted, swarming nowhere place.

You can watch the premiere of the band’s latest video below. The band comments: “Directed and made by Nathan and Fae of Harmergeddon,the video for Warren Schoenbright’s latest release, ‘Mesa/Geophagy Variations’ from their forthcoming EP Subtropical fuses Kubrick like textural artefacts with footage of a myriad landscapes to create a percussive barrage of glitches and natural space. This visual assault is the soundtrack to an excavation of psychological sediment – a tumultuous attempt to delve into a dark and uncompromising metalloid territory.”

Subtropical will be released on May 22nd on limited edition cassette tape through Hominid Sounds and is available for pre-order through here. Band photo credit: Sarah Tew.


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