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Toronto rock and roll band Biblical will release its new album, The City that Always Sleeps, on September 15 via Tee Pee Records (US/UK/EU) and New Damage Records (Canada). The band’s sophomore full-length is a deep dive into sludgy psych rock that explores spaces, textures and tones beyond the outer limits.

Heavy, propulsive and totally hypnotic, The City that Always Sleeps is Biblical at its weapons-grade best, leveraging rhythm and dynamics to explosive effect. Supersaturated guitar riffs, piled-high psych production and the ghostly croon of bassist / vocalist Nick Sewell unite to create monstrous music that fires off svelte, snaking grooves and turbulent, gorgeous chaos. Molten music for modern times!

The band now released their new single ‘Fugue State’ and comments: “We were determined to explore some new sounds for this record and ‘Fugue State’ definitely falls into that category. More than any other song on the record, it really operates with a sense of open space. That gave us plenty of room to experiment, specifically with the vocals which turned out to have a sort of morbid Pet Sounds vibe. 

“Lyrically, the song is a classic rumination on existential dread — the type you might have in the middle of the night after walking from a bad dream. There’s a poem by John Updike called Perfection Wasted that I kept coming back to. It rides a fine line between dry, sardonic wit and tenderness. Definitely the qualities I was hoping to capture with Fugue.”

The City that Always Sleeps is up for pre-order through here. Listen to ‘Fugue State’ here:


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