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Hailing from the barren wasteland of Finland, Church Of Void is a five men doom rock band. Founded in 2010 by vocalist Magus Corvus and G. Funeral (Ex-Horna, Battlelore), the band’s first sign of life was the limited run EP Winter Is Coming. With a 2013 LP, released by Finland´s own Svart Records, and a handful of split releases, the band have found a new home in the Italian label Argonauta Records.

Drawing influence from traditional doom such as Saint Vitus and Pentagram as well as grim rockers like Mana Mana, The Birthday Party and Babylon Whores, Church Of Void blend their music into upbeat killers, slow-as-snail crushers and vintage hard rock. With five strong songwriters and performers Church Of Void is an act to recognize, people either love or loathe them. Church of Void has left its mark on Finnish doom in addition to bringing grief and ecstasy to other European nations such as Estonian, Swedes and Brits.

The self-titled album will be released on September 15th (pre-order available here), but you can now listen to the album in full through here:

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