Alt-prog-rock oddballs Thumpermonkey are back with their new EP Electricity (Rockosmos, Oct 13). A fantastic four-song collection that is incredible hard to pigeonhole, and utterly progressive in its own way. A bit Haken, a bit Radiohead, grungy, Faith-No-More Bowie-esque… it’s all in there, in only 20minutes of genius. Lyrically, there’s a huge amount to unpack (even in the song titles), and the EP runs the concept of lost civilisations and ancient discoveries (more in the onesheet).

A band who’ve been together over a decade, Electricity is Thumpermonkey’s seventh release. This new EP follows from 2012’s acclaimed cult album Sleep Furiously, and is the harbinger for 2018’s LP Make Me Young, Etc. A fantastic synthesis of Mike Woodman’s stream-of-consciousness vocals and guitarist Rael Jones’ soundscapes, Electricity deserves to be heard. Fun fact, Rael is a screen composer, who has been nominated for two Emmys, including in his work on Sherlock. Nifty..

Watch the video for Garmonbozia here:

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