Thing by Thing

Release date: December 11, 2017
Label: Self-released

This group from Stockport UK traffics in a brand of poppy psych that will draw you in immediately. Their self-released Thing EP came out last year and I am late in getting this review written. And really, it’s only three songs to cover, so I apologize for the delay.

The bright energy of ‘To the Crows’ will grab you straight away, with a peppy cadence and tricked out vocals. Cool! I especially dig the bass here. It will have you tapping your toes for sure. The song completely changes pace at its center, and becomes even spacier and prog-like as it is unleashed. ‘Fan Mail’ is throbbing Motorik with a cosmic overlay and vocals that seem to emanate from the far reaches of space. I love the way the words warble through the layers of sprightly guitar and the warm wash of keyboards.

These guys have a real penchant for strong melodies and tight playing, and that serves them well. ‘Me Ne Frego’ comes off like a modern version of the 80s band, Black Sun Ensemble, and becomes enmeshed with other purveyors of loud, droning psych in my mind. Its longer form allows the group to stretch their wings a bit as they soar into a space jam. Switchbacks in tempo and sonic texture are frequent and will continue to engage your interest until the song fades out. In short, this is a short but intriguing entry from a cool band. Well worth checking out!

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