Arkhitecturenominus by Tuscoma

Release date: August 16, 2018
Label: MUZAI Records / Antena Krzyku Records

Greater than the sum of its parts is a well-worn phrase for reviews of two piece bands, to use it in the case of Tuscoma would be greatly unjust. Whilst the two members do unite to make a stunning blackened hardcore sound there are moments of sheer individual brilliance on Arkhitecturenominus that cause you to wonder just how many limbs each of the two members has.

Passages of songs switch between moments of the guitar taking the fore, the cracking riff in the title track being a fine example, to songs where the drums steal the show such as opener ‘Aerial Views Over Barcelona’. Here the drummer is constantly moving to work patterns over the raging, ringing guitar that gives the vocals a solid base to snarl from. ‘Groma’ is another track where the quickly snapping snare hits and full kit battering is the real meat at the start of the song as the guitar slowly swirls about trying to find the right path of attack.


I can imagine Tuscoma would get a similar billing to Mantar due to both being two piece bands under the vague umbrella of metal but there isn’t much else in common. Tuscoma play a far harsher style, the snare drum is under constant attack, the guitars carry a fierce sound and the vocals are delivered with a far more abrasive tone. There is an impressive enough variety to this formula to separate the ten tracks yet keep the album together as riffs are unleashed with differing tones, the drumming covers a huge amount of ground and the pace moves between them. ‘A Place In The World’ starts off in blistering fashion before ending with a thick fuzzy riff and pounding steadying drums but no matter the change of pace you don’t have to wait long to have your face melted off from another barrage.

Arkhitecturenominus is a snappy and ferocious piece of work, for two guys there is a lot going on but the ideas are driven with conviction and executed with battering precision. As well as unleashing this impressive debut album Tusoma have also announced a mammoth tour in support of its release. It would be very interesting to see how this transpires in a live environment; it would also be good to check that the drummer, Joe Wright, is in fact human as his performance reigns high above the ability of many others.

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