Victory Roses by SleapingDreaming

Release date: March 9, 2019
Label: Self-Released

In the post information age it is so easy to get lost in the immensity of music available. Both in oversaturated genres and those underserved by even the most fervent niche independent coverage. I am frequently late to game regarding several releases per year and do my best not to think about the unimaginable amount of music that I might never have the pleasure of hearing. When I saw, albeit a week late, that SleapingDreaming had released Victory Roses I refused to be left behind in the squalor of regret and clicked play immediately.

At once my ears were rewarded with sounds of an unwritten love letter languished over for years. With all of the adolescent sweetness one might expect from a much younger still unjaded story, but also one where acrimony and bliss collide together with the conviction and purpose of circular reasoning. Victory Roses proves its own existence and agenda with every note perfectly paced and abound with a lovely crunch. Every track feels like they are summoned with unconventional melodies in mind and brimming with the condensed surface tension of morning dew on a petal just starting to reach for its first glimpse of the sun’s emerging energy. An underflowing vitality and zeal that can only be animated through constantly fighting against external forces for survival. This ever-present but subtle vigor is knitted throughout all of SleapingDreaming’s works.

It’s almost as if every time I press play I am willingly entering into a fugue state. A lovingly abrasive entrance into a dream of only mild cognizance complete with a companion of unhindered mood swells which are never fully realized in their extremes. A restrained experience of all seven stages of grief in a deliberately skewed order. Dense but not overbearing and enacted without haste, Victory Roses trudges on with commitment and warmly embraces you throughout the entire psychogenic passage with calm assuredness that the end is near. An end that is not finite, but a guarantee of hearing your own personal truths within the fallacy of being a cog in someone else’s machine.

Symbolism aside, Victory Roses is simply fucking stunning and surprisingly complete for only four tracks. SleapingDreaming have no agenda but to evoke an emotional response resulting in the listener circling back for another round. Self-described as “heavy-ish shoegaze/post-rock kinda stuff”, this minimalistic description hardly honors the gravity and introspect they are able to compel from me with thoughtful songcraft and assertive manipulation of their instruments.

After Victory Roses be sure to listen to their prior releases The Inbetween Songs and You’re No Fun When You’re Happy, which notably includes an unabridged version of ‘Rainbow Dash’ and a very reverent rethinking of The Cure’s timeless ‘Plainsong’. In fact with my being so attached to the originals, no band has ever completely measured up on covering The Cure. That is except for SleapingDreaming. So suit up and search for your reasoning in the mundanity with Victory Roses. I am certainly enjoying its victory lap around my musical psyche.

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