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Fans of black metal infused hardcore-crust take note.

From the sewers of Ghent – Belgium surfaced Vonnis, a typical product of this wretched age we live in. Their first album, Bikini Season, will suck the disoriented listener into a vortex of dread and malignancy, placing him or her stark naked in a desolate sonic landscape full of white noise, buzz saw black metal riffing and fierce hardcore attitude.

The video of the advanced title-track was recorded in the Bristol-squat capturing their live-experience. And we don’t mean it as a marketing term. Singer Rubben was taken to the hospital after the shoot to get a fresh cast of plaster, for the 3rd time after a show in 2 years.

Their debut album Bikini Season will be released on Hypertension Records on May 17 on vinyl and digital formats. Head over their website for the pre-orders. Check out the video here:


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