The Weight Of The Stars by Just Like Honey

Release date: December 8, 2018
Label: Rotraum Records

If you think that Just Like Honey as the name of the band is to be evocative of Jesus and Mary Chain and their iconic song. You are almost right. Almost, because you should think of Jesus and Mary Chain in their phase when Mazzy Star singer Hope Sandoval sang a few tunes with them. In many ways, that was a sort of a heavenly combination, and this Canadian-American/French/German quartet located in Berlin often do reach those heights on their second album The Weight of The Stars.

Maybe it is good to mention here that if you think of Hope Sandoval, think twice. Not because you should have a doubt in your mind, but because Just Like Honey, the brainchild of guitarist Patrick Le Mar (his brother Steve plays the drums) are fronted by two female singers/guitarists, Darlene Johansson, and Bianca Young.


With obvious J&MC and Mazzy Star references throughout the album, it is no wonder the band themselves also cite the likes of shoegaze/slowcore influences of Slowdive, Galaxie 500 and undeservedly neglected Codeine. And yes, the influences are evident, but then, if you play your influences with care and passion like Just Like Honey do, who cares if you can notice them?

The dual female vocals give the necessary tonal shades to the bubbling guitars throughout the album, particularly on the tracks like ‘Feels The Same’ and ‘Golden Glow’. One of the reasons why these songs work could lie in the composing process as the band explain it, with Le Mar laying down basic ideas with the rest of the band adding their little bit, making this quite an organic process, and that is how the songs on The Weight of the Stars sound, organic and unforced. This album got stuck in the usual Christmas album deluge, but should certainly be given the attention it deserves.

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