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Today we have the pleasure of announcing the debut album and premiering a new video by the duo Xoros. The duo is made up of Will Ward and Jack Wyllie. “Will Ward’s musical background – having released on prestigious European labels such as Leisure System and Newrhythmic – combined with the accomplished jazz, ambient and electronic musicianship of Jack Wyllie – a member of Portico Quartet and Szun Waves – results in a record that will not sit uncomfortably alongside other ambient explorations, but draws from a wide scope of sonic universes.” The album will be released on February 7th via Truant Recordings.

For the duo, “[t]he starting point was to explore the possibilities of using saxophone to create the textural landscape of a fully functioning techno record. As it evolved the rhythmic pallet gradually vanished to reveal a largely beat-free landscape. Small fragments of sax, synth and field recordings were collected and layered together, sometimes hundreds of parts used to create the textural basis of a track. These were then collaged into longer compositions; inspiring monolithic soundscapes that suggest futuristic worlds that sit outside of any specific time, place or genre.”

The video we are premiering today is titled ‘Futures’. It exemplifies the spirit behind the making of this album. Obscure and undefined in its visual presentation, the images draw you into the world Xoros has created. It is a voyage through space, anchored only by its musical time limit. 

Check out the album below and pre-order the album here: https://truantrecordings.com/

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