Founded in 1997, Thurisaz created their own sound and claimed their spot in the metal scene. Their first album Scent Of A Dream from the Belgian band sums up the best Thurisaz has to offer: very variated, high standard avantgarde doom-metal with lots of emotion and depth.  The reviews were amazing and the band gained an incredible live reputation. After their second album Circadian Rhythm in 2007 they began touring all over Europe. After signing a label deal with Shiver Records, Thurisaz crashed the studio again to record their third album The Cimmerian Years. The album was critically well acclaimed throughout the metal press and confirmed the band’s status as an upcoming European metal talent. They even performed in India and the US. Later in 2015 the band released The Pulse Of Mourning, a studio album and masterpiece as well. In the same year they played a unique acoustic concert in their hometown Wervik. The experience was also recorded and released through a special CD/DVD Live & Acoustic. In 2017 the band celebrated two decades of Thurisaz with a headlining spot on the Metaldomestage of Graspop. 
In 2019 the band started recording and producing their newest album, Re-Incentive, which will be released on May 29th 2020. 

Thurisaz will play a special show for the release of their 5th studio album. With the support of the Norwegian Sylvaine this will be a unique experience. This concert will be organised in their hometown city hall Oosthove, Wervik. Get your tickets for the show here.

We asked the band to tell us about 3 releases that have influenced them the most…

Porcupine Tree – Deadwing

I remember the first time I heard Porcupine Tree was in the van of Mattias (guitars). We were on our way to something Thurisaz-related – can’t really remember if it was a gig or a rehearsal weekend we were heading to – but it must have been around 2005. He let me hear ‘Heartattack in a Layby’ from the In Absentia album. The simplicity and the sheer beauty of the song just struck me. I was completely blown away. This amazing clean voice was something else, compared to all the metal vocals I had been so used to hearing for the past decade of my life. So obviously when I got home I started digging into the band. By 2005 In Absentia was released about 3 years earlier I guess, and I discovered the band released another album that very year, called Deadwing. I don’t really know why, but Deadwing always appealed just a tad more to me than In Absentia did. Don’t get me wrong, In Absentia is the sound of true beauty in music, but Deadwing

Well, it started off with the cover and the album title, I guess. There was just something about that girl staring into the water, combined with the photofilter that was used and the carved letters that spelled ‘Deadwing’, that immediately grasped my attention. Musically it was the overwhelming combo of the rollercoaster of instrumental beauty and Steven Wilson’s voice that did it for me. The incredible synth sounds and soundscapes that were used on that album, the switch to the amazing vocal partition at the end of ‘Mellotron Scratch’ or the entirety of ‘Arriving Somewhere but not Here’ were truly inspiring to me. I remember listening to the album over and over again. Also, lyric wise Porcupine Tree can’t be compared to what I was used to at that moment. Let’s just say, Steven has a way of saying things… The mundane that is in the meaning, combined to the way he describes it and the way he sings it, really made me reflect.

It truly is an exceptional album that will always remain one of my favourites!

Devin Townsend – Terria

The album Terria by the Canadian musician Devin Townsend, was one of our first introductions to Devin’s wall of sound and vocals, combined with an incredibly unique atmosphere, all created by Hevy Devy himself.

Our very first introduction with Devin Townsend was at the Graspop Festival in 2001. We went to check out a band we didn’t know, and man, how we were blown away! What a sound, what a voice and what a weird and funny man! From that moment on, we kept following this unique musician (several years later some of us even got to meet the guy backstage at the same festival).

Everyone in the band grew to like all of his projects (Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend Band, Devin Townsend Project, even Casualties of Cool), but the album Terria remains his finest work to all of us…

A real masterpiece !

Anathema – Judgement

I remember getting to know this band with the album Alternative 4. I must have been around the age of 15, travelling by train to my student job throughout the months of July and August, listening to it over and over on my walkman (yes, I’m that old).

The year after having released this excellent album, they released perfection… Judgement was set free upon our ears. A masterclass of repetitive musical texture, true emotion and hauntingly dark lyrics. They always know how to make the perfect build-up towards auditory climax.

They were and still are a great inspiration to a lot of our calmer, acoustic breaks and songs.

They’ve kept living up to the high standards you’re supposed to live up to as a band. They’ve managed to ‘highscore’ time and time again, with, for us in any case, Judgement as their centrepiece on their wall of musical fame.

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