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This might be a first for Echoes & Dust, or at least for me. Today we have a double video premiere by artists Nina Sampermans of Ravvel and David Poltrock of Poltrock. The videos are for their tracks titled ‘Stay’ and ‘Leave’.  ‘Stay/Leave’ is a collaborative double-sided single between the two artists. “After connecting on tour with Belgian trip-hop band Hooverphonic, the two quickly decided to join forces and put their shared love of melancholy and minimalism to compositional use.

Recorded in “one takers”, each song and video tells an honest and direct tale of holding on and letting go. The diptych feels like a ripped out page of a personal diary put to music, an intimate conversation between the warm piano playing of Poltrock and the fragile vocals of Ravvel. ‘Stay/Leave’ are two opposite concepts, in this case serving the same narrative and should be seen as an inseparable entity.”

Ravvel explains, “‘Stay’ and ‘Leave’ are “tales about holding on, letting go and the choices we have to make in between. Two intimate songs about saying goodbye, inspired by personal heartbreak. Paradoxically, ‘Stay’ is about the difficulties of moving on, while ‘Leave’ is about indecisiveness.””

The tracks are both incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking. Both artists seem to have captured that gut-wrenching feeling loss stirs in the soul and have encapsulated it in musical form.   An incredible collaboration, which we hope has sparked further collaboration between the two artists. 

Check out ‘Stay/Leave’ below…



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