The Holy Ghost And Other Lost Souls by Ghost Signs

Release date: April 10, 2020
Label: Self-Released

If I were to go on Mastermind ambient drone would not be my specialist subject but I was so moved when hearing the opening track on the latest Ghost Signs EP that I felt compelled to write about it. On The Holy Ghost and Other Lost Souls, Northern Ireland based producer Iain Holmes uses guitar, tape loops and synths to pluck you from your surroundings and dangle you over the landscapes that he plants in your mind. If given the right focus these three tracks have the power to crack you sonically then rebuild you before they float away in the breeze.

When I was younger I used to be terrified of dreams where I was falling but as I grew older I started to appreciate the feeling of the wind rushing around my body. On opener ‘We Haunt These Cities Like A Half Remembered Dream’ I get inverse feelings to those dreams and it makes me feel weightless. As the low drone starts to build I feel a pressing on each side of my head almost like cerebrospinal fluid trying to find a way out of the skull around the ears. At the same time my body begins to float like a newly released balloon anchored to the ground at a car sales room. Slight moments of reverb and noise buffet me like the wind as I find myself inspecting the buildings from the artwork rotating and moving slowly and smoothly. The small flickers of reverb rub against the progressing drone and ease you back down as all the pressure subsides and strangely the same sounds that elevated you also place you back into reality and we progress to the next track, grounded ready to be elevated again.

The journey was perfectly timed and with three tracks at just over 17 minutes this is a good little EP to take a break to. In the press release Holmes relates the music to the breaking down of modern institutions and in these 17 minutes you become completely unaware of them. The beautifully titled ‘The Stars They Blind Us’ and ‘When We Lose Our Shadows’ are much in vain with the opener as a solid drone evolves whilst noises interrupts like a duck breaking the surface of a still pond.

I asked a friend to listen to the first track and she said that the music felt hypnotically sombre and her feelings of weightlessness took her floating over glacial ice water in an arctic landscape. I just had to check out the opinion of someone else as I was beginning to think if you can listen to these three tracks and feel nothing then one of us needs to go to a neurologist.

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