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Worcester, Massachusetts’ Mourning Routine is the solo project of Lucas Kamal. In December of last year he released a single titled ‘Too Much’ from his forthcoming EP, Hello, From Earth. “‘Too Much’ is a poignant and powerfully personal statement on coming of age when unrest at home combined with pressures from school can be overwhelming. “I wanted to say something in this song without people saying ‘oh my God, are you okay?!’,” Lucas shares. Safe, within a tapestry of clean arpeggiated guitars, sturdy melodic basslines, and atmospheric ambience, Lucas bares his soul with wistfully tender vocals.”

We caught up with this up and coming artist and asked him to pick three albums that have influenced him and his music. Check out his picks below.

The Strokes Is This It

To me, The Strokes are like how The Beatles are for a lot of musicians. To me at least, (hot take) they’re more important. One of my best friends in middle school introduced me to them and I immediately fell in love. Is This It is really the album that started it all for me. It’s the reason why I picked up guitar, and started the journey of my musical taste down the long, winding road it is today. The influence may not be super easy to spot, but you should seriously hear some of the early demos for these songs. Even I thought I sounded like a blatant Strokes rip-off. I feel like a lot of young musicians struggle with wearing their influences on their sleeves, and I myself am no exception. ‘Hard to Explain’ is definitely my favorite track on the record. I love how the acoustic kit was made to sound almost like a 909 drum machine, and JC’s desperate-sounding vocals combined with the amazing chorus melody make for a song I’ll never get tired of hearing. ‘Trying Your Luck’ is another favorite of mine that I feel like doesn’t get enough love, and of course, ‘Someday’ is an absolute killer track.

Last DinosaursIn a Million Years

The first time I heard Last Dinosaurs was, believe it or not, in Need for Speed: Most Wanted on my Xbox 360. The 11 year old me played the hell out of that game, and their song ‘Zoom’ was easily my favorite on the soundtrack. Fast forward 4 years, I just casually ran into their album in my Spotify “recommended for you.” I instantly recognized the name and of course, gave it a full listen through. I fell in love with their unique guitar tones and ability to create mesmerizing soundscapes and intertwine them driving indie rock bliss. I even ordered one of their custom-made pedals! ‘Honolulu’, ‘Weekend’, and ‘Andy’ are personal favorite tracks of mine.

Bad Suns Disappear Here

Like so many of my other favorite artists, I discovered Bad Suns in my Spotify Recommendations. This album became the soundtrack of my late sophomore and early junior year; I literally just couldn’t stop listening to it. Ray Libby’s infectiously catchy guitar licks, combined with overpowering drums and chorus-y tones gives me this indescribable chilly feeling inside that I just absolutely love. This album also inspired me to re-visit the albums and artists that inspired it. Ironically, it was the music I grew up on, (courtesy of my dad) but getting to re-learn and appreciate classic records from The Cure, Talking Heads, and The Smiths, was a huge turning point in my musical tastes.

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