Introduction by Introduction

Release date: July 19, 2020
Label: Tenth Court Records

Introduction is an Australian minimalist dream pop trio with a post punk edge consisting of Harriet Fraser-Barbour (Workhorse, Fair Maiden, Wireheads, Ripple Effect Band), Elena Nees (Allume, Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets), and Lauren Abineri (Waterbear, JEM). Immediately out of the gate, the title song ‘Introduction’ entrances and entices with blithe vocals and a simple but compelling mix of bass, percussion, and keyboards. ‘Red Light’ is another soft focus marvel, quiet but demanding attention with its slightly uneasy synth line, and still managing to soothe my frazzled senses.


‘NITA’ retreats even further into the background, and it’s like watching the far off flickers of a drive-in movie as the song advances frame by frame. These gals are like a watery, filtered version of Look Blue, Go Purple, ramped down in sonic intensity and shot into low orbit, encircling your ears like a lost satellite. ‘Rollercoaster’ is way up front by comparison, and hums and buzzes like a purring kitten as it motors along, one of the strongest tunes on this release. It will be the one you return to, as its percolating rhythm and toe tapping melody will have you singing along.

‘Starvation’ is expansive and lush, with the type of guitar line you’d hear on a Spaghetti Western, while the final tune ‘Wait’ is decidedly different from the other songs. It is rather like bachelor pad music from outer space, and winds things down nicely. In summary, if you enjoy charming, slightly low-fi music replete with pretty voices and memorable melodies, this is for you.

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