No Wilderness Deep Enough by Steve Von Till

Release date: August 7, 2020
Label: Neurot Recordings

Over the course of four solo albums on his own and the same amount as Harvestman, Steve Von Till has laid his soul bare with a vast collection of emotive and powerful material. His latest release, his fifth as a solo artist No Wilderness Deep Enough, sees Von Till continuing that lineage with an album that is in turns both harrowing and comforting, something that Steve Von Till has always done as he is an artist who always wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his music, but he has never done it with as much vision as he has in this record.

The album begins with the majestic ‘Dream Of Trees’, which sees Von Till’s voice atop minimal but effective stings and a harrowing electronic beat as its backbone as the track concludes. It’s a sublime way to start the album off and has a certain richness in light of the effective sparseness.

From then on in, No Wilderness Deep Enough opens up into a rich, intriguing and enchanting musical experience and the tracks, the soaring positivity of ‘The Old Straight Track’, the reflective ‘Trail The Silent Hours’ and the mournful ‘Shadows On The Run’ are all centrepieces of this whole experience that will engulf your emotions as you listen to them. While the album is only six tracks long, these are all epic compositions, such is their scope and vision and also they way they have been executed so it expands even further and tracks like the powerful ‘Indifferent Eyes’ and the closing grandeur of ‘Wild Iron’ only cement hat feeling.

This is an album with a much bigger electronic influence than Steve Von Till has had before and it works very well, with the music and his voice working in unison to create these epic and heartfelt songs. As with his previous solo album A Life Unto Itself, the production on here by Randall Dunn is immense and hearing these two artists working together again is a joy with Dunn bringing something ethereal out of Von Till.

No Wilderness Deep Enough is an undeniably epic album that sees Steve Von Till’s reputation as a solo artist in his own right grow larger once again. At times deeply introspective and at others, simply triumphant, it is the sound of Von Till laying his soul bare and all in all, this is a simply great album and the greatest in his solo career so far.

To complement No Wilderness Deep Enough, Von Till has released a book of poetry and collected lyrics entitled Harvestman: Collected Lyrics and Poems, which sees the entire lyrics of his solo career captured for posterity alongside 23 new poems, all of which capture the spirit of Steve Von Till’s work and world perfectly. Both the poetry and the lyrics really give you another window into his heart and soul and seeing these pieces written down is a a fascinating look into Von Till’s skill as an all round artists and as with the album, definitely comes highly recommended.

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