Endless Space (Between You & I) by Winter

Release date: July 24, 2020
Label: Bar/None Records

It takes a bit of imagination to combine musical elements that wouldn’t immediately come to mind as the one that would work well together. Or you could be close to the source of one and be quite a lover of the other. It seems to be the latter that is the case with (Samira) Winter and her debut album Endless Space (Between You & I). You see (and hear), Samira is of Brazilian origin and she grew up there, so it was no chance that she was listening and being influenced by Brazilian MBP ( Musica Popular Brasileira). But instead of sticking to the usual MPB format, she has placed the elements of that musical background into for the rock music fans more familiar setting of shoegaze/dream pop.


What we get, is an actually brilliant concoction that on the surface sounds familiar, but at the same time left of center, and the results are nothing less than excellent. ‘Here I am Existing’ or even brilliant, like on ‘In The Z Plane’, on which you can really sense the MPB influence. It is all done in the real sense of dream pop, perfectly hit on the nail by producer Pat Jones (Toro Y Moi, Washed Out).

But with the great production et al, it is still up to Winter to show what she is capable of. Even if it is only her debut, on the tracks like ‘Bem No Fundo’, she is able to almost reach the heights of her obvious faves like Broadcast and Melody Echo Chamber. Based on what she presents here, there seems to be endless (musical) space in front of Winter.

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