Haunts by Bound

Release date: October 1, 2020
Label: Jetsam-Flotsam

D.C. based Bound just dropped their second album. I have been meaning for awhile to review and thoroughly listen to this record, but alas, recovering from surgery takes it out of you. But I am finally back in the saddle and happy to review this beautiful release that uses aspects of post rock, shoegaze, dream pop, and post punk. 

Certainly, opening stunner ‘The Bellows’ will leave you in no suspense as to what drives the band. They love to mash punishing riffs in with delicate, baroque passages, and go there and back again. Lyrics may well be your forte, but I am as always laser focused on the music, which just steamrolls you as it sails along. This band has a high degree of musical prowess, which opens the door to some prog aspects, a genre known for complex but highly melodic musical structures. And this is all on one song!


‘The Ward’ is moody and cyclic, returning to the same theme running throughout. This is not music for a sunny day on the beach. Rather, you might be hunkered down in your living space letting this blow your mind. Fuzzed out sonics also may stamp this as psych, which is fine with this listener.

‘The Field of Stones’ will also not set your mind at ease. It is deceptively lovely at the surface, but its overall feel is like a dark well of emotion sucking you in. And oh, I do adore the interlaced male/female vocals that pierce through the clouds and lift the spirits temporarily. Once again, the song morphs into a sonic frenzy before departing for the quieter waters of ‘The Last Time We Were All Together’. This one mesmerizes and enchants as it weaves its autumnal web about your ears.

‘The Lot’ is one of the shorter offerings here and it exposes the band’s penchant for heavy/light music, shifting without a moment’s notice from gauzy folk to energetic hard rock. ‘The Lines’ is contemplative and would be a perfect film backdrop. The song builds gradually to massive volume, and reveals some tasty riffing. ‘The Known Elsewhere’ is one of the album’s shorter songs, and is also its coda. It picks up the pace from a peaceful start and ends on a high note. Recommended for fans of all the genres mentioned here, as well as any Bound fans that loved their debut recording.

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