While You Were Sleeping by Eito

Release date: August 21, 2020
Label: Self-Released

Hip hop, rap, beat music can create very strong opinions among music lovers, with pro and contra arguments flying around like confetti. Still, there is always some common ground – artists that can create such hip hop/rap that can find fans even on the ‘other’ side. Based on his most recent EP, While You Were Sleeping, Pittsburg-based artist Eito is certainly one that has the potential to be accepted beyond just the hip-hop circles. First of all, Eito certainly tries to avoid any clichés and stereotypes. Start with his name, and there you can pick any of the two meanings of the word he uses to recognize himself. In Japanese ‘eito’ means a prosperous person. In the strict dictionary sense, it would mean ‘made with the slash of a scythe.’


Based on the music, Eito, who started out making name for himself in Washington D.C. – are hip hop circles, obviously thought in detail about his artistic avatar, as he actually covers both meanings of his name on this EP. There are obvious Japanese and anime references in tracks like ‘May The 4th’ and ‘Go Crazy.’ On the other hand, Eito has no problems making furrows throughout these six tracks, as he keeps combining some chilled, jazz-oriented vibes throughout, and as he says at one point, “There’s no club bangers on this tape.”

On While You Were Sleeping Eito presents us with one of the better versions of what you can call ‘thinking man’s hip hop,’ and you don’t have to go any further than the first two tracks here ‘Prelude to a Dream’ and ‘Untitled’. The first track is more like a speaking dream sequence where it is all tied up at the end Sounds as if you’re learning to keep your emotions in balance”. And essentially, it is all in balance here on While You Were Sleeping, both musically and lyrically.

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