The Way Forth: Instrumentals by Rachel Grimes

Release date: October 9, 2020
Label: Temporary Residence LTD.

Sometimes, when you are faced with a brilliant composer, whose music has already left a firm body of work, in this case, within what is loosely dubbed neo-classical music, instead of enjoying, you keep searching for faults. And with The Way Forth: Instrumentals, the latest EP from Rachel Grimes, there is certainly one. It is an EP that lasts under 17 minutes. And that is basically it, as far as the faults are concerned. Because it just keeps you yearning for more.

For those more familiar with Grimes, either through her work with Rachel’s or her solo work or compositions for various orchestra combinations, film, and live performances, this teaser EP will certainly be familiar in one aspect – the quality of Grimes’ compositions and her immaculate attention to musical detail. But, at the same time, Grimes keeps on surprising in the aspect of constantly coming up with some achingly beautiful music that at no point gets melodramatic or kitschy, a trap into which quite a number of modern classical composers run into.

After all, the point of this type of music is to be listened to, with enjoyment, and like a good cup of coffee, you need to have the right balance of ingredients in there to really leave the desired effect. Rachel Grimes has not failed that test so far, and The Way Forth: Instrumentals just confirms that.

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