Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things by Corrupt Moral Altar

Release date: November 27, 2020
Label: APF Records

On starting this review the city of Liverpool was thrown back into lockdown… the rest of the country would soon follow. What better genre than grindcore and a band as rowdy as Liverpudlian noise-stirrers Corrupt Moral Altar to rattle your homely cage and make isolation a little more fun.

I was introduced to the band a couple of years back due to their connections to Napalm Death and Anaal Nathrakh, so their music hasn’t had much time to seep into my veins but has still left a lasting impression. Over the course of eight years and two successful LPs the band have proven themselves to be a caustic tornado of influences and eclectic hardcore sounds. New EP Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things sees Corrupt Moral Altar climb a few more steps in what they do and achieve a thoroughly ear-bashing record.

Mid-paced opener ‘Cathedral of Porn’ forgoes brutality for a grooving downtuned guitar-led intro of sludgy, muddied riffs before bursting into a petite fit of rage and then crawling back into the mire once more. ‘You Smell Expensive’ begins with low chugs, full-on rumbling bass plucks and discordant guitar stabs. The track utilises tempo change wickedly, playing around with short blast sections and twisted experimental notes, grinding into an almost free-form jam session.

‘Maximum Bastardry’ starts with playfully punky riffs with groove-laden catchiness but leads into a sludgy breakdown towards the end complete with warped riffage and fits of split-second blasting. ‘Spirit Breaker’ ups the pace and after a breezy and melancholic red herring intro launches right into breakneck blastbeats and tears through a variety of drooling grindcore goodness. The song draws to a satisfying close with sing-along blastbeats melting into a peaceful climax. The EP’s best.

Final track ‘I Am An Ocean of Wisdom’ is packed with erratic ferocity, thumping drums and wicked atonal guitars. It’s a frenetic track to cap off the EP and a release chock-full of well executed moments. Previous album, 2017s Eunoia, showcased the band at their most rabid, whereas this EP takes on a more wider spread of influences, allowing for song-writing chops to be tested.

Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things offers a diverse glimpse into what Corrupt Moral Altar are capable of and perhaps shows some insight into what their next album will bring. Their modern style of grindcore has a glorious infusion of genres, from sludge, hardcore and punk, hints of death metal and even glimmers of post-rock, it’s certainly a vicious blender full of tasty treats. It’s raw, dirty, beer bottle smashing grindcore with some spirited fun thrown in. Grab this and wind up your neighbours during lockdown.

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