Vanity Metrics by Gianna Lauren

Release date: November 13, 2020
Label: Forward Music Group

‘Tis a season of mid-tempo. Reasons – obvious. It is such a year. Still, you can follow a trend and still come up with some mid-music. Or should we say – mediocre? Fortunately, this is not the case with Halifax, Canada singer-songwriter Gianna Lauren and Vanity Metrics, her fourth release.

Lauren has all it takes to make this 5-song release really make an impression without resorting to any run-of-the-mill stereotypes connected with your stereotype singer-songwriter stuff, of which there is a lot to go around these days. Even with lyrics like “It’s the same old story that I can’t tell”(Closed Chapter’).


Actually, Lauren uses all the ‘same old story’ concept and infuses it with the exact touch of emotion and (musical) side steps to make Vanity Metrics interesting and engaging throughout. On the surface, it sounds like a simple affair. No excessive arrangements, with Lauren’s vocals and electric guitar always at the forefront.

But, as said many times before, making simple things sound good is a complicated process. No wonder then that there are nine other people involved in creating music on Vanity Metrics, to whom Lauren gives credits as co-authors. That is why the music here sounds so dense and engaging, simplicity, or no simplicity.

In the end, it is a showcase of how to express your feelings about an ending love affair without turning it into a boring set of self-serving navel-gazing. All this makes Vanity Metrics a dignified and utterly listenable affair.


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