The Same Old Line by The Spyrals

Release date: October 30, 2020
Label: Fuzz Club

There is one constant with all Fuzz Club releases – they never get boring, if you are a lover of anything that remotely touches psych music. But then, who isn’t you might ask yourself. Probably those that hit on some old, ill-produced, copy-cat stuff with a lot of underplayed covers. Here, some might ask a question – but isn’t all current music that connects to the original psych copy-cat?

Not if you have that ‘old’ stuff in your pinky toe and have come up with a combination of sounds that not only works but flows out of your speakers with ease and aplomb. And here enter LA’s The Spyrals and their latest album Same Old Line. You can be certain that probably the trio had something along the lines above in their mind when they came up with the title of their new album (they have quite a few releases, actually, three of those are albums).


But, what those previous releases have enabled The Spyrals to do is get their sound down to a pat – a sound that at the same time recalls all the familiar names, but you can’t exactly pinpoint or say that they are directly recalling any specific artist. You just have it in your head that their record collection has all the right names in it – The Velvets, Roky Erickson, Dylan, Neil Young, Iggy Pop, old blues legends… you name it.

What The Spyrals have done is taken all of these and have shuffled them like a well worked-in deck of (psych) cards and dealt out a set that covers one of the millions of possible combinations those cards can produce. And that hand actually is a winning one, Even if it is the ‘Same Old Line.’

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