I Fell Apart by Beach Vacation

Release date: November 13, 2020
Label: Z Tapes Records

Seattle-based Beach Vacation formed in high school after performing at a talent show. They had a bit of international recognition, as their first EP was released in the UK, Japan, and the US. Time got away from them while members pursued education, went to work, and moved away. The band became a duo and have just released their debut album I Fell Apart. 

The music may remind you of DIIV and a number of other genre bands that are tagged as shoegaze, dream pop, and even post punk. There is a vintage 80s edge reflected in these tunes, only with modern production. ‘Our Night is Falling’ is memorable and lovely and it, along with this entire song cycle, describes emotions people experience when dating. Nervousness, anxiety, and all the expected feelings that go along with heartbreak and disappointment when things don’t work out. It’s cloudy day music with a small shot of sunshine to bolster the mood.

The delicate ‘Break the Ice’ may remind you of old favorites from the early days of indie music. There is a hopeful fragment buried in the daunting task of getting to know someone new. ‘I Fell Apart’ is a sad piece, and I felt downcast as it unfolded. It’s reflective music that isn’t immediate, but it creeps up on you. ‘If I Could Bring You Back’ has pretty, hushed vocals, and it ensnared me with its beautiful arrangement. We have all experienced loss of different kinds, and no matter what that might be, you will be moved by this song.

‘Unfazed’ is sparkling dream pop, but the somewhat dour mood lingers on this one. ‘Glitter Hands’ might qualify as shoegaze, only with a light touch on the effects pedals. ‘Cure My Boredom’ circles back a bit to ‘Our Night Is Falling’ on the melody, only in a different key. The reverbed vocals distance the narrator from the story being told. But its innate beauty will surely win you over.

‘Don’t Stay Away’ is the final statement in this song cycle, and it’s a dreamy triumph. In this year of great loss to many, and even with some darker elements to shut out the light, this music is a balm to the senses. I hope to see lots more from this young group. Recommended for all fans of dreamy, hazy, and haunting soundscapes!

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