Counting The Ghosts by iamthemorning

Release date: December 4, 2020
Label: Self-Released

Since March of this year where everything stopped due to the Pandemic and COVID-19, 2020 is a big gigantic pain in the ass. But for iamthemorning, they bring us a sign of a new beginning with a bit of a Christmas cheer to close it out with their EP entitled, Counting The Ghosts. While both Marjana and Gleb had released their solo albums between 2018 and this year, it gave them a break to see what they can do to go beyond the sounds of iamthemorning.

And now with their EP, it gives the duo a chance to break free from the storms of the pandemic. Counting The Ghosts features two original songs and two traditional Christmas hymns that gives us 14 minutes of incredible arrangements that they bring underneath the mistletoe to show that there is a sign of hope for 2021.


Both ‘I Wonder as I Wonder’ and ‘Veni Veni Emmanuel’ are hymns that gives Marjana a chance to sing by walking into this gorgeous gothic cathedral and returning to the role of the main character from the Lighthouse album by reappearing as a spirit as if they were sung in the styles of the 2-part sections of ‘I Came Before the Water’. And they bring peace and happiness for the holidays to forget all the crazy shit that’s going on in the world and just have a perfect Christmas holiday to relax and chill out.

‘Cradle Song’ is sung as a lullaby. Vlad’s clean guitar textures sweeps away all of the mess for the new year that will become better as Gleb’s piano goes from one area to another to give Marjana’s vocalizations a chance to sing out to the gods and hopefully that there will be a better day. The title-track tackles with the subject of both paranoia and delusional behaviors. We go inside the person’s head that someone is coming to get you for all of the shit that you’ve done to them as they chase all around you for the abuse and bullied that will haunt you one way or another.

Throughout the midsection, both Zoltan’s bass and Vly’s arrangements followed by Mr. Konin’s marimba’s are like spiders crawling behind your back knowing that even though that while the abuse you have done to the people that you hurt, Karma is going to become a bigger wound that will hurt more and more. And there’s no turning back for all of the bullshit you’ve done.

Counting The Ghosts is a break from all that has happened. And while coming to the end of 2020, this is iamthemorning’s Christmas gift to us all that once the storm clears and everything calms down, there will be a chance in the near future of the roaring ‘20s that live music will come back once more and we will up and running to be back to normal. And 2020 was only just the beginning.

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