Cryptomeduza by Metaspion

Release date: October 30, 2020
Label: Push Records

This Norwegian artist is certainly on track with all the modern online trends! Meta, crypto, custom… what else? Oh, he adds all the modern concerns that go along, after all, he goes under the stage name of Metaspion

So, in a way, it comes as not much of a surprise that Metaspion is an electronics artist. Not, the first one to combine modern imagery with electronic music. Nor is he the first one to bring along and intertwine these elements with folk music, in this case, keeping up with his roots, Nordic folk music.


But Metaspion is certainly among those more unique artists that are able to pull it off properly and come up with an integrated sound that doesn’t make the electronic/folk combination sound like a chicken with lace lingerie on. And he does it by combining medieval instruments too (‘Desire’).

That is why Metaspion’s Cryptomeduza (his second album) sounds like an integrated music experience that has both a head and a tail. As Metaspion puts it himself, “on this album I have continued to make nordic folk-inspired themes over dark, slow, and heavy electronic beats. I have gone deeper into both Nordic folk music and sound design on synthesizers.”

In many cases, albums with such musical combinations have their ups and downs, but Metaspion was able to pull it off with aplomb (try the more brooding ‘Gandr’), practically excluding any dull moments. Essentially, Cryptomeduza presents the electronic/folk combination that actually works and where the two seemingly disparate elements sound as if they should have been together from the start.

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