Photo: Alex Cameron


Four years following the release of their third album Lede and right in middle of a global deadly virus outbreak, Belgium’s most caustic and filthy musical proposition  Alkerdeel are back with a new album titled Slonk. Recorded live at Boma Studio, Ghent with Frederik Segers, mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Studio, Birmingham, Slonk shows a more atmospheric side of the band, but don’t be fooled because it’s also their most aggressive album to date, displaying a ferocity only rivalled by bands like Archgoat, Ildjarn and Mizmor. Slonk will be released through Consouling Sounds and Babylon Doom Cult Records on February 5th. 

We asked the band to talk to us about 3 releases that have influenced them the most…

Hädanfärd – Avoghetens Besvärtade Åkallelser

This Swedish band, mixes primitive and melancholic black metal with post-punk, there’s even a new-wave atmosphere. They are on the Ancient Records label, which is a trademark in itself. Although the new Alkerdeel album Slonk still contains enough old-school extreme metal elements, for the first time our more “atmospheric” side comes first, without sacrificing aggression. The influences of a band like Hädanfärd are the indirect cause of this. 

Invunche – II 

Secondly, we could mention the Norwegian Ildjarn, but we don’t, and we prefer to mention Invunche, a Chilean/Dutch punk-black metal band from the Antwerp Babylon Doom Cult Records. Invunche has a lot of Ildjarn influences, but their record was so excellent and refreshing that it deserves more attention.

Ancient – Svartalvheim

Last and third, a rather old Norwegian band, Ancient, who released a lot of shitty-records besides their debut Svartalvheim and an EP.  This band is to be completely avoided, except for this Svartalvheim, which is a huge classic. The last track of Slonk, called ‘Trok’, had as working title simply “the Ancient” song. That says it all.

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