Photo: Alex Cameron

Wild, expressive and truly idiosyncratic, Sturle Dagsland, acclaimed Norwegian experimental-pop/Avant-rock singer, is today sharing the celestial new single ‘Dreaming’. This new track is the latest to be lifted from the self-titled debut album (pre-order on Bandcamp) which is set for release on February 5, 2021.

Together with his brother Sjur, Sturle seeks to create an expressive ever-changing soundscape that shifts from the ethereal and beautiful to the wild and abrasive; the upcoming record looks to demonstrate this through an array of instrumentation cut alongside Dagsland’s adventurous blend of different vocal techniques, primal screams and otherworldly, occasionally angelic, pop melodies.

To complement the single’s release, we asked Sturle to share three of the records that have been his greatest influences. His responses proved as startling and unexpected as his own music. . .



Aqua – Aquarium

Received this album from my grandmother for Christmas, and it quickly became one of my most-played albums that year. When I was nine-years-old I won a talent competition by performing ‘Barbie Girl’ (by Aqua) in a miniskirt, and my mother’s bra filled with candy, while I was singing, dancing and simulating sex with a hand-doll I had made. At the end of the performance, I threw out all the candy from my bra to an enthusiastic crowd while urging them to eat my silicone!

The Pokemon Music

The Pokemon Music was perhaps some of the music that first inspired me to start recording, more specifically: my own PokeRaps. I walked around at school and in our neighborhood with my portable cassette recorder and recorded my own PokeRaps, as well as ‘Battleraps’ between friends and rivals, in addition to taking the role as the sports commentator on important Poke battles and local gaming tournaments. When I was around 10, me and my brother also had our own pirate bootleg shop where we sold our self-made Pokemon cards; each card was sold for one kroner (10 cents, USD).

John Williams – Star Wars Episode 1 Soundtrack

Both me and my brother listened a lot to the Star Wars soundtracks throughout elementary and middle school. We directed films, made robots and choreographed fencing battles to John Williams’ music.The opening track has never been very appealing but ‘Duel of the Fates’ was, and still remains, the best fencing song ever made. It should always be included in any serious workout playlists.

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