For the Glory of Your Redeemer by Misotheist

Release date: February 5, 2021
Label: Terratur Possessions

Two years have passed since the release of the self-titled masterpiece from Trondheim’s enigmatic and strictly anonymous group Misotheist. Now, after one of the shittiest years in existence, Misotheist return under the same veil of nameless darkness to inflict their twisted audial terror once more. Released once again on Terratur Possessions, new album For the Glory of Your Redeemer packs a layered assault of blackened metal into another three devastating tracks, a formula and structure Misotheist clearly adhere to.

‘Rope and Hammer’ builds to a concussion of knock-out drum salvos after an ominous staticky intro. Scrambling blast beats and off-kilter guitars writhe and convulse in perfect (dis)harmony creating a terrifying wall of sound. Brutality bookends this beast of an opener with the track offering a more restrained midsection of metallic dissonant plucks before launching back full-throttle into soaring blast beats and skin-peeling riffs. ‘Benefactor of Wounds’ is more to-the-point but no less complex, filled to the brim with stunning moments and gorgeous charging blast sections backed by avant-garde riffs. The guitars have that atonal quality about them, especially in the final minutes, almost lamenting through tortured sound as if screaming from another dimension. There’s a little roughness to them, which gives the stringwork more depth.

Final track ‘Acts of the Flesh’ teases long with screeching and disconcerting ambience then throws all manner of angular twisted atrocities in your face with its warped maelstrom of have-some-of-this battering avant-garde metal. The riffs fly in aplenty knocking you off your feet and into a state of blastgasm. Main riffs snake about the fury of thunderous drums as second guitars pluck and twang in angular disarray yet form a coherent and absorbing assault on the senses. This 16 minute monster works on so many levels and never tires itself out, only feeding you more and more stunning music as the song progresses and sweeping you up into pure black beauty within its final quiet, emotive moments.

For the Glory of Your Redeemer is a damn great album, so great it raises the question of why do a band THIS good prefer to lurk in the shadows. No social media, no inkling as to who its members are, apart from their vocalist B. Kråbøl of Enevelde. In lieu of any ego is a complete extraction of being where all eyes, ears and souls are pointed towards the undeniably wicked sound these faceless shadows have created… and you know what… I love it that way! It separates the art from the creator, which separates the creator from any ego, any hunger for praise and lays the soul-crushing music bare in front of us for our brains to consume and process.

Misotheist already have one album in the bag and album two is a step-up in production as well as depth and nuance. There’s a greater weight to it, more grandiose and claustrophobic with moments of gut-wrenching melancholy and of course merciless blasting aggression. The juggernaut vocals, powerful drums and frenetic stringwork all come together in one glorious way to create a cold, calculated atmosphere rich with head-banging ferocity and pensive moments to get lost in. For the Glory of Your Redeemer is beyond stunning and an album to liven up what is sure to be another trying year.

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