Water Finds a Way by Robert Jürjendal

Release date: February 23, 2021
Label: NEWdOG Records

Robert Jürjendal continues to take his music further by going through the horizontal landscapes. Whether it’s collaborating with Sandor Szabo, Markus Reuter, Jon Durant, or Colin Edwin, his textures are flying towards these unbelievable structures that are hallucinated landscapes. That and his latest album on the NEWdOG label entitled Water Finds a Way, sees Robert going into the rivers of time and finding the search for peace underneath the salty waters.

He uses his custom-built electric guitar that has a fully equipped system that contains a sustainer pickup that gives him a chance to create these long sustained notes. Unlike his previous work on Lihtminevik / Simple Past from the Strangiato label where he collaborated with drummer Andrus Lillepea that had a rocking sound, Water Finds a Way is like a family scrapbook.

With a little help from his wife Signe on vocals, the cover art done by his daughter Lotte, and his son Anti on cello, not to mention Venezuelan keyboardist Miguel Noya, it is a spiritual journey to find your inner self and how you can be free from the past and present whilst moving into the future.

While the spirit of Terje Rypdal is in Robert’s heart, the music is this strange combination between mournful arrangements, medieval, spaghetti western, folk, and classical meets Thelonious Monk’s arrangements, minimal, and parallel surfaces. But listening to Water Finds a Way, it is a story that is brought to life. There are moments on this album that are sad, exquisite, and deep inside a cavernous location.

Several of these moments Robert channels Terry Riley, Philip Glass’ Music in Twelve Parts, and Steve Reich. Jürjendal understands the minimal arrangements very well because he doesn’t want to copy-cat the three composers, but keeping it very tight and never letting go. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Water Finds a Way is a family scrapbook brought to life. It can be challenging for the first time, but it will grow on you to see where Robert takes his listeners to be a part of his passageway of peace and relaxation.

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