Attention! by Apache Rose

Release date: January 27, 2021
Label: Self-Released

Many have proclaimed the death of musical genres like hard rock, metal, or grunge almost as soon as the phrases describing them were coined. Yet, years, decades on, they not only persist but seem to strive.

Eastern parts of the European continent play a big part in that trend, but quite a few names that might get the attention of the international audience stay glued to their local scene, with the language being the key barrier there. But, those bands that do use English as the rock music’s lingua franca could get the attention they deserve.


That just might be the case with Russia’s Apache Rose and their latest album titled Attention! Ha, that word again. The keyword here might be a groove, though. As long as something’s got it, Apache Rose goes for it. As they put it themselves, “we wanted to make an album like the ones we love, the one you could listen to on repeat. Like Aerosmith’s Rocks, Metallica’s Kill’ Em All, Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the Bollocks, Nirvana’s Nevermind, Soundgarden’s Superunknown, Stone Temple Pilots’ Core, Arctic Monkeys’ first album.” And you can add the Foo Fighters complete opus to that list.

On the evidence of it, these guys have studied the above list of albums to minute detail, have picked up the pieces they like the best, threw them up in the air, and then pieced them up together as they fell on the (studio) floor. And as haphazard as it sounds, it actually turned out well both for them and the fans of such a sound. They know exactly what they are playing and the best way to do it.

Language is not a problem either, even though the Russian music market is so big it wouldn’t matter for them even if they have sung in their mother tongue. But Apache Rose obviously has their mindset on a much bigger scene, and on the evidence of Attention!, they just might get it.

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