Whispers From The Wicker Man by boWsER

Release date: March 12, 2021
Label: Self-Released

They love their loud rock Down Under, in any shape or form. It could be the AC/DC way, or the more current King Gizzard And The Wizard Lizzard way. Or anything in between. In most cases, they really know how to play it, or at least get away with it.

With that in-between cue we get to Gold Coast (still Down Under) trio boWsER and their latest release Whispers From The Wicker Man. If judging by the album title you wonder if there’s a dark theme to this album, you don’t have to, it certainly is.


But if the title is what you see is what you get, so is the sound of the album. Brash, loud, and riff-heavy. It all ranges in that hard rock spectrum from Tool to Foo Fighters and back with few other stops in between.

Of course, the key here is whether the band can do it or not. And boWsER certainly can. You can certainly imagine that this is exactly how these guys sound live. Unfortunately, at the moment, we can only imagine. Until the live shows come back in some form or other.

By the sound of it, boWsER has tightened their sound to the breakpoint, which, fortunately never comes. The tightness of their play is particularly evident in tracks like ‘People in the TV,’ ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Chemicals.’ Brad Weynton on vocals and guitar leads this hard-rocking parade, with bassist Ott Mitter and drummer Nathan Williams not missing a beat.

Many would question the originality of boWsER’s music, but their execution level is so high the question at some point becomes moot. Fans of unabated hard rock will revel in this one.

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