Salad Days by Captn K - Salad Days

Release date: February 26, 2021
Label: Self-Released

There are so many sub-genres in electronic music these days, that is almost hard to keep track of them. The reason for this trend might lie in the fact that each and every one of these sub-genres has its own pattern, a set formula for certain music to be part of it. But what is there for fans to do when a certain artist starts floating between them, blurring the tightly set boundaries, trying to forge her/his own path? Well, hopefully, they probably have to look (listen) beyond set formulas and have open ears. They’ll probably like it. Nathan Nisbet, aka Captn K, electronic musician/producer from Perth Australia seems to be one such artist, and Salad Days,  his latest release goes on to prove it.


The first barrier Nisbet tries to bring down is the concept of what an EP should be like these days. It is a 35-minute affair, so you can actually call it an EP, mini-album, or even an album. Brief it ain’t. Then if you look at the cover, you just might get the idea of what Nisbet is after – something quite a few of us are missing these days, sunset on a beach with friends, balmy weather, and good grooves.

And that is what musically he tries to conjure here. It is and it isn’t a lo-fi house, deep house, downbeat, broken beat. Actually, it is all of them together, and it works and sets up exactly the image Nesbit is trying to create both audibly and visually. If you ever wondered what a Depeche Mode/LCD Soundsystem combination with a few other touches would sound like, you might just as well start here.

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