World's Most Stressed Out Gardener by Chad Van Gaalen

Release date: March 19, 2021
Label: Sub Pop

Chad Van Gaalen has been around for a while, but seemingly he’s acquired only a small, staunch base of fans. One of the reasons may lie in the fact that he doesn’t release music as often as he should. But, then, music is not Chad’s only artistic inclination, as he is quite a versatile multimedia artist. Luckily, Van Gaalen has come back to music recently, and the result is World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener, his latest album.


The reason why Chad might have decided to record more music could lie in the fact that he recently took to gardening producing vegetables. Oh, and some quite exquisite psych-pop/rock of which late Syd Barrett would certainly be proud of.

Having your own studio can be a blessing, and Van Gaalen has one in Calgary if you want to tinkle and fine-tune your music. But, it can also be a curse if you try to tinkle too much. Luckily, on this album, Van Gaalen seems to have decided to do as little tinkering as possible, without the songs sounding either too raw or unfinished.

But what shines through is his ability to keep things together both melodically and instrumentally. He piles musical parts and elements together in seemingly random order, but like that old-fashioned kaleidoscope, it keeps turning up some quite incredible musical images. As is the cover of the album, this album is yet another of Van Gaalen’s exquisite pieces.

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